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Crossroads Chapel Vision is to be an Outreach Ministry to bring the ministry outside the walls of the fairgrounds and reach many more for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and share the Good News of Jesus.

Blaine Festival Outreach

Crossroads Chapel participates at the Blaine Festival. We take full advantage of this and introduce the Crossroads Chapel to thousands of fair-goers.

Street Machine Summer Nationals Outreach

Crossroads Chapel participates in the Street Machine Summer Nationals. God works in the hearts of many and several trust Christ for salvation.

Saturate Twin Cities Outreach/West 7th Street Area Outreach 

In October 2021, Crossroads Chapel hosted a Saturate Twin Cities Outreach in combination with an Outreach to the West 7th Street area affected by recent shootings. We set up a Bible Prayer table at a memorial for a shooting victim, and went door to door to neighbors affected by these shootings and delivered the Good News of Jesus. Five police officers stopped by the Prayer table, visitors to the memorial, homeless people, and other Christians. We were thanked multiple times that we were there. All glory, honor and praise to God!

Street Level Ministry Outreach | Anoka County

Crossroads Chapel partnered together with Street Level Ministry to be the Light in the Darkness at the Anoka County 100 year Halloween Parade October 30, 2021. Volunteers set up a Bible/Prayer booth along the parade route and distributed gospel packets on chairs of parade watchers prior to the parade containing Halloween Gospel Tracts, Gospel of John's, Jesus films, and candy. Other volunteers shared the Gospel with people as they arrived for the parade. It was an amazing outreach day and many received Bibles, prayer, and the Good news of Jesus Christ! Highlights included an Iraq Muslim man receiving the Gospel and a Bible for the first time, a group of Muslim ladies hearing the Gospel from a former Muslim volunteer, a Russian speaker excited to receive a Russian Bible, kids guessing how many sins it takes to miss heaven (some responses included 3 or 100), and approximately 500+ parts of the Bibles or whole Bibles given out all to the Glory of God! Please keep praying for these people.

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