Prayer at the Chapel!


Welcome to the Minnesota State Fair 2021 and the Crossroads Chapel!  In addition to music and worship, entertainment, children’s crafts, free Bibles and more… did you know that volunteers at the Crossroads Chapel are available to pray with anyone who stops by?  These prayer volunteers come from many churches all around the Twin Cities and the State of Minnesota.  Pastor Greg Pagh, President of Bless Minnesota, is helping coordinate and provide training to teams of “pray-ers” for this 12-day effort. Many prayers are also being offered in advance of the fair welcoming the Holy Spirit to move powerfully during this “Great Minnesota Get-Together!”

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the State Fair each year and every one of them has a need for prayer.  Most of these needs go unspoken.  At the Crossroads Chapel volunteers are available from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM every day to meet people personally, even if just for a minute or two, hear their prayer requests and offer heartfelt prayers for their needs.  Volunteers will be wearing badges that say, “How Can I Pray for You?”

Prayer requests may relate to topics like health, finances, job, marriage, children, faith or guidance for a tough decision.  There is no limit.  Sometimes fair-goers are seeking peace, the kind that only Jesus can give. That’s why some prayer requests include a desire to commit one’s life to Jesus as Savior and Lord.  A free Bible and follow-up resources are made available to everyone who makes such a first-time commitment.  Whatever your prayer request may be, know that no prayer is too great or small for God to hear and answer according to His desire to love and bless you.

This year volunteers will also be praying for every street at the Minnesota State Fair by name and “prayer walking” their chosen street at various times throughout the day.  We are asking for the presence, the power, and the love of Jesus to permeate the grounds of the State Fair leading to a genuine climate of love, peace, and hospitality.  If there is a specific street that you would like to “adopt in prayer” please visit Get Involved, Adopt a Street

You can learn more about street adoption at Bless Minnesota. Minnesotans are known for being “Minnesota Nice” which refers to the fact that we are generally friendly, kind and welcoming.  The motto of Bless Minnesota is “Go Beyond Nice.”  Especially as Christians, we are called to be bold in sharing the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Thousands of streets have already been adopted in prayer in more than 186 cities all across Minnesota.  When you “adopt a street in prayer” you commit to pray for the people and places on that street, build genuine relationships, especially with non-believers, respond to both their felt needs and deeper needs as the Holy Spirit opens doors, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Further insights and training are available at Bless Minnesota

The Crossroads Chapel has a long history of blessing people with prayer. In 2021, this ministry will become more visible than ever. Let your friends and neighbors know that volunteers at the Crossroads Chapel at the Minnesota State Fair are available to welcome and pray personally with them!