When the Government Becomes the Police and the Criminal

I believe we have passed a milestone in the way government exercises control over its people. The events of 9/11 changed the way we do security in the world. We put into place safeguards as we travel and Homeland Security was created. The budget for Homeland security is roughly about $71 billion per year. That is what it takes to keep America safe.

We had issues with overinflated home financing in 2008 that made changes in the way we finance homes. Today we have the health scare. COVID-19 will be the next big societal change that will change our lives forever. It is questionable whether we will ever go back to normal human interaction especially with groups. The vaccine for COVID-19 will not prevent viruses from spreading among people, but we are being told this will be our hope to overcome the virus.

There are so many of these systemic lies that are being floated in society today because society is so vulnerable and desperate to believe in science as their immediate hope. This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate science, but science is not God, and does not have the answers for some of the dilemmas we face.

That being said, however, we have used science to confuse the public into believing the only way we can overcome this pandemic and be safe is to quarantine, wear masks, wash hands, and social distance. All while we wait for a vaccine that will ultimately protect us. The way we have been conditioned these past six months will play into how we stay safe in the future. I can’t help but feel as if we have been programmed somehow to accept the mandates of our government officials as if they are the guardians of our health, while at the same time allowing their health polices to destroy our income, our businesses, and our social interactions and caring for one another.

I have never believed that a government has the right or the authority to do what they did in a free society. Require masks and social distancing, but don’t shut down businesses, and don’t criminalize people by telling them they are killing grandma by not abiding by all the regulations. The government chose and mandated which were essential and non-essential businesses, which allowed some to stay open while others were forced to close. To me, this is criminal, and should be challenged in a court of law. No government has the authority to say that Walmart is essential while churches are not. This is where the government has become the criminal in how it chooses who lives and who dies. The media reminds us every day how COVID is still a threat and they are projecting that this virus will be with us until late 2021. Conditioning people is an interesting technique of propaganda and I believe we have been victims of it.

I realize as I write this that many of you probably would disagree with my conclusions, and that is fine, however, it is at least put out there on the table to consider. For me, I sense that God is allowing us to see what happens when He is out of the picture and government takes over. I believe He is also allowing us to see the hatred between races, political parties, and family members who are estranged from each other. I will go out on a limb here and say that this could be all be a phase of judgment brought about because of our insistence to eliminate God from our society.

The recent scandals of national Evangelical leaders is another judgment that God said would happen. We are learning that many of our revered leaders have been lying to themselves and to their audiences by living lifestyles that are contrary to what they espouse in their ministries. This has brought me to examine my own life, and ask God for mercy. Perhaps we need a daily practice of atonement where we bring our thoughts, attitudes, ambitions, and opinions before the Lord for a time of confession and repentance. I know that may seem counter-productive to our theology that Jesus died once for all our sins, yet, if our behavior becomes blurred we may be vulnerable to backslide into sin.

My point in all of this is to be clear about who we serve, and who we do not. We support our government when it does not violate God’s Word, and we obey our leaders when they have our best interests in mind. COVID-19 and the unrest in our country is a foreshadowing of things to come. Our leaders in government have an agenda that will NOT serve the church and its related ministries. The closure of churches in some states is criminal, and civil disobedience is necessary. Christians will suffer the wrath of a political agenda that does not want to be reminded of Judeo-Christian values that will resist their objectives/goals of an amoral society.

I am glad of one thing that COVID has created, and that is the small groups of Christians meeting to hold each other accountable to God. This kind of activity is also a foreshadowing of what an underground church will look like if and when Christianity becomes the target of anarchists and God haters.

When the government becomes the police and the criminal without real accountability, we are on the verge of destroying the freedom this country was founded upon.

To believers everywhere:

The Book of Jonah is a reminder that God has an assignment for us as He did for Jonah. Our response to that assignment is either we move forward to accomplish it, or we will do as Jonah did and run and hide. Confrontation is either the future of the church or the church will die of irrelevancy. We will continue to strengthen our calling or we will weaken it by following in the footsteps of Jonah.

Jonah 1 1The word of the Lord came to Jonah son of Amittai: 2Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it, because its wickedness has come up before me. 3But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa, where he found a ship bound for that port. After paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from the Lord.

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler

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