When Sex Drives Our World

Let’s be honest. Sex is a strong driving force in the human experience, but is it to consume us? I believe the sex drive was given so that mankind would procreate and proliferate the species. Like so many other human functions, it was meant to be managed and controlled by first the individual, then the family, and ultimately, society at large. Today, of course, sex drives everything. The management of sex is no longer just an individual’s responsibility; it is a huge industry that is both legal and illegal. Our attitudes toward sex have changed drastically since our parent’s day, and I predict will continue to devolve until there will be nothing left to the imagination. Here is the kind of change that we can expect in the near future taken from a headline:

Professor argues it should be legal for grown men to have sex with children.

Hubbard has written about pederasty, which was a “prominent social phenomenon in numerous ancient Greek cultures” where men and boys had “relationships.” In this case, sexual relationships. Hubbard has written that “contemporary American legislation premised on children’s incapacity to ‘consent’ to sexual relations stems from outmoded gender constructions and ideological preoccupations of the late Victorian and Progressive Era.”

Sexual relationships in the Bible were restricted to those who committed themselves to marriage, and the participants were one man and one woman. This was called a family. From within that family came the ability to recreate themselves and have children. Within this structure the society could then manage sexuality because the definitions were simple. It is when this structure changed, and more ways were introduced that one could have sex, that everything became confused:

· Sex with other partners besides your spouse

· Sex with animals

· Sex with the same sex

· Sex with relatives

· Sex with children

· Sex in numbers

· Sex with strangers

God prohibited these practices because in His Infinite Wisdom He knew that all of these sexual alternatives would destroy the human race. We call all of these practices immoral because they are a violation of the Moral Laws of God.

Outside of how God created sex, these alternative practices are Evil and the payday for Evil is death. We don’t like to use that word Evil much because it seems to be reserved for deviant people who commit the most heinous crimes. Yet, the Bible is clear that if we lie, cheat, steal, kill, and disobey God, we are committing Evil acts against Him.

The dictionary defines Evil as: the opposite or absence of good.

I think a better definition from a Biblical Perspective is that Evil is the absence of God. If you remember, Jesus taught us that the Devil has come to rob, steal, and destroy. Most people think that He defined those three categories as taking from us, such as things and people. I believe Jesus meant that Satan has come to rob God from us, to steal His Word from us, and to destroy the Works of God in and around us.

So, the application certainly can be applied to the things or people in our lives, but the more accurate definition is that Satan wants to eradicate God from our lives. Look at how our culture ignores God and lives as if there is no death, no eternity, and no God. This lifestyle of God abandonment that our culture has chosen to live is truly the definition of a fool.

Sex today has replaced the Worship of God. As I often quote Romans 1, God has given us over to the desires of our hearts. If our hearts no longer Desire Him, He will allow the god of our desire to rule our lives. The end result of this is that this god will cripple our children, create a depravity in society that will be out of control, and eventually the aging, diseased bodies, and minds will die in misery.

Romans 1 24Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

I use these Verses a lot in my writing because I find no better description than this to explain the dilemma of sin in our society today.

Some people like to accuse Moral people of trying to legislate their Morality on the masses. What do I say to that? Yes, we the Church are Moral Agents of God’s Word and we are to be called Salt and Light. Now, some would argue that only applies to the Witness of Who Jesus Is and Was, and we are to lead them to Jesus … no Moral strings attached. Some would say we do not have the right to impose any Moral implications to those outside of the Church. To that I would say … let’s take down all traffic signs, traffic lights, speed limits, and warning signage. We don’t need them because we are capable of knowing how to navigate our roadways. Would that serve society well? Of course not, but in the same way if the Church does not counter the effects of an immoral society, all of society, including the Church, will eventually be the victims of an immoral society much like roadways without control.

Sex is in control today, and God knows how that ends. He has told us how it ends too, but are we paying attention? Are we Strong and Courageous enough to be a Voice of Morality in our immoral world?

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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