When Free Speech is No Longer Free


I have written on this theme before … it bears repeating. It is one of the signs that our society has become dangerous. Jon Gruden, head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders recently resigned over emails he wrote years ago. The emails were private and not for public consumption, but because of the nature of those emails, he had to resign. Freedom to have an opinion, regardless of the nature or subject of that opinion, is being destroyed. Once you do not have the freedom to dissent, the slippery slope begins for society to become dangerous. Currently, that slope is about gay people and about race. There is no freedom to have an opinion against these two. Why?

As a Christian, my faith has been bashed, made fun of, excoriated throughout the media and entertainment world, yet no one gets fired for their opinion about my people group. Why is that? When anyone makes a sarcastic, cutting, filthy remark about what Christians believe or their moral code, it’s all fair game. Try saying something negative about someone’s race, or about their sexual preference and you will lose everything. Again, it is a way to silence people. Now, I cannot defend people who use their freedom to excoriate other people, but I will defend their right to have the freedom to do it. One of the best parts of America is the freedom to express yourself without censor. Today, that has completely changed.

Why is this an issue for me, and why in the last few weeks I have written about it? It is simple. This is a sign that censorship is coming to everyone. Churches will not have the right to talk about sin in the way that convicts people because it makes them feel guilty or shamed. Identifying sin will also be censored … you will no longer have the right to express morals in terms of what is right and what is wrong. Nothing will be wrong, it will become language that will identify what is more profitable for an individual and what is not, but nothing will ever be wrong. Words like wrong, evil, sinful, ungodly, perverted, judgment … all will be considered hate speech and not suitable for public or private consumption.

When they can dig up private emails and put a person on public trial without a hearing, and it results in the loss of a reputation and job, to me this trend is dangerous for all of us … especially the church. I have warned of this before because I think it is coming. Look what Facebook does to people with who they disagree. They censor them because the freedom of speech is no longer a core belief to Facebook, or those in power in Washington today. The press has become so biased they have become irrelevant to society as a watchdog. They used to pride themselves in watching out for the American people by making sure the truth about political policies and politics was being reported. Today they slant everything so far to the left that they become another political voice for the left.

For me, the danger is that we have no other side. Just one kind of thinking, one kind of ideology, one kind of viewpoint, and one kind of compliant acceptance. No pushback, no resistance, no differences at all. A 'one size fits all' society was the theme in the movie ‘The Giver’ that came out a few years ago. It was a reminder that when people govern themselves with no way to dissent or push back, they will get a society controlled by a few whose views have no accountability and, certainly, no diversity. You and I may agree it is not good character that speaks against someone’s race or sexual preference, but to prohibit it is worse than the offense itself. We cannot survive as a free society without the ability to speak up and speak out without any fear of being censored or destroyed in the process.

The Bible tells us there is coming a day that complete control will be in the hands of darkness. That is why we have this admonition in Scripture to be quick about doing the work of the kingdom because there will come a day that will not be true:

John 9:4 We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.

Signs are everywhere of what is about to come, and we are seeing small glimpses of it every day. The key to surviving the control is to know how to resist. We resist by giving ourselves to Him completely and studying the Word of God without reservation. Never give up on knowing and speaking the truth in God’s Word. Know how to resist and how to preserve your mind and heart to make Him known. The enemy wants to ultimately censor the truth, and he is priming the pump with the politically incorrect speech. Beware!

Challenging the Culture with Truth … Larry Kutzler


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