The Leader’s Voice

I just heard John Maxwell use the phrase: “The leader’s voice is different from others, and if a leader’s voice sounds like all the other voices, then you are not listening to a leader.” Well, usually leaders are saying things that are different from everyone else. We are creatures of habit and we are also creatures of the familiar. We are comfortable with what we know, and we are suspicious of things we don’t know.

Leaders, however, are always pushing back the status quo, and asking questions that probe for a simple meaning and understanding. Talk show host Dennis Prager talks a lot about clarity, in fact, he says clarity is everything. However, I have an addendum to add to that, “Simplicity plus clarity is everything.”

Life has gotten too complex, and in that complexity we have lost the simple joy of enjoyment. My wife and I figured out that we live in four rooms of our 16-room house:

· Bedroom

· Bathroom

· Kitchen

· Small den

That is basically it. Four rooms, so we live in 25% of our house. How that would translate to other areas of our lives? I applied that to our friendships and found that we only hang out (outside of family) with 2-3 couples on a semi-regular basis. However, we all have hundreds of friendships that we know by name but are not familiar with them as close friends. So, again, our circle of influence is narrowing.

Simple and clear is okay and I think it might be the new normal that we have all heard will happen following the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans, in general, have been pursuing the wrong things and have focused on making more money to buy things and improve their lives. It seems like a good value until we realize that all we have done is become a slave to our things. Instead of owning them … they own us. Jesus told us to pursue the Kingdom of God, to consistently build our lives upon the Foundation of His Words and we will be able to weather the storms in life. Jesus was a Leader whose Voice didn’t sound like everyone else. His ideas were clear, and He used simple examples to explain them. As complex as the design of life can be, He made the complex simple … Love God and Love others.

I have been thinking a lot about simplicity. I am convinced that God loves simplicity too. He gave us Ten Rules to live by, and One Savior to Believe in … how much more simple is that?

I am not sure I can keep my life hassle free, but I am going to try. I started to unclutter my life during the COVID-19 era, and I hope to pursue the lessons learned from it. Here are a few:

1. Busyness does not have to drive your life. If I say I am too busy, then it’s time to stop everything to evaluate.

2. Finding time to be alone with your thoughts and Prayers can be as healthy as an exercise routine.

3. Simple pursuits such as getting more sleep, eating healthier, and being Thankful for everything are important facts to address every day.

4. Most agitation in life is self-induced. Example: I stopped watching the news, which is a huge agitation and clearly the information is not true. It is designed to agitate you. Who needs it?

5. I have clearly defined the sources in life that feed me as a person. The Scriptures, family, and good friendships. I learned that taking time to discover those again will bring the kind of simplicity our lives have longed for, and the satisfaction we have been missing.

There it is.

Yes, this is a message that is not often mentioned in our modern world, but what I discovered during the COVID-19 quarantine is the modern world is wrong, dead wrong, and it is killing those of us who do not restrict or resist its influence.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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