Our Lives are Filled with Noise

One thing is for sure, this is a new America. I don’t have to point out all the obvious ways we have changed because we all hear about it every day. You can’t watch or listen to TV, Internet, or radio without being assaulted by someone who wants to assure you with how safety is their number one concern within their business or service.

We have become a safety conscious society, and that to me is indicative of our worldviews. Several times a week my wife and I wake up to open windows where we hear the birds talking to each other. It is such a calming way to awaken to a new day. We have coffee and take a look at the news headlines for that day. We are always interested in what happened overnight in our world. In time, we have realized that we have gone from waking up to the beauty of nature, to staying awake with the noise in our world.

Noise is everywhere and let me define what I mean by noise.

Noise is any communication that has an agenda to persuade you about something, sell you something, or give you information that means nothing at all.

Sounds fairly negative doesn’t it? Let me explain.

• News doesn’t inform you … it persuades you to accept a worldview based upon that news outlet’s opinions. News used to give you several angles to stories it reports on, but that is no longer the idea behind journalism. The idea of journalism today is to convince people that opinions matter, and theirs matters more than yours.

To me, this is noise.

• Selling you something that nine out of ten times you don’t need or care about. That’s why most people turn the channel when listening to the radio in the car and a commercial comes on. Pandora sells a service that is commercial free because they realized people don’t want their music interrupted by the intrusion of a stupid ad about something they don’t need.

To me, most commercials are noise.

• Giving you information that means nothing. Think about all the things people inform you about that are meaningless. The advertising experts tell us that we see on average between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day. What do you do with all that information? You forget it.

To me, this is noise.

So, in my opinion, most things that catch our attention today is just noise. Let me take this a different direction that might be a tad more controversial.

1. My wife and I have decided that when we watch or listen to any movie or presentation that uses the F-word we turn it off. I refuse to listen to what I consider violent speech, especially when it is unnecessary.

We have gone back to watching movies that are quite dated, but they tell great stories … usually without all the violence, and certainly without the vulgar violent language of today’s movie industry.

I realize that this is our decision, and it may not be a standard you hold to, and I’m okay with that. Everyone has to decide what goes in will eventually be what comes out. Jesus told us that it is in the heart of man where evil intent lurks, and that what you allow into your eyes, ears, and heart, will have an influence on your behavior.

Mathew 15:19 For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander.

I just realized that as I read those words of Jesus, these same words could be a description of a modern Hollywood movie. The noise of this world is made up of these kinds of issues that permeate our attention throughout each day. Someone said to me recently, “well you can’t put your head in the sand either and ignore the issues of the day.” I agree we must be informed, but there is a difference between reading the headlines and ingesting hours and hours of news commentary.

This is another reason why we need an antidote to counter the poison of the noise in our world. Remember, the main definition of an antidote is: a medicine taken to counteract a particular poison. We need that antidote to cancel out all the noise I have been describing here because without a standard of what you let into your life, you will become a person of noise.

2. Lastly, we live in an era of the ‘lie.’ The nature of the lie was birthed in the beginning between Satan and Eve. The lie is prevalent in all walks of life, in commerce, in government, in families, and in Church. Truth is being challenged today with half-truths and opinions that seem reasonable. Yet, half-truths are still lies (and more believable) if mingled with some Truth. The Days that we are living in are filled with the noise of lies. Confusion is one of the by-products of a fulfilled lie, and I feel most people live in a state of confusion. Even Christians (who have been fed only milk) are babies who have no resources to discern and take note of the Warnings in Our Day. This isn’t conspiracy talk … it’s Bible talk, and the noise has been busy replacing the Truth all around us today.

I believe that it is time that we as Believers begin to spend more time in the Prophetic Scriptures that define the direction that God says the world is going. I think it is the first step in making ourselves aware of what God says will happen in the Last Days, and then determine how we will respond. We all know America will change as a result of the pandemic … and so will the Church. The Church needs to be rebirthed into an era of Proclaiming, Protecting, and Providing Truth to a world that is overfilled with empty noise.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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