Love is Our Great Enemy Today

Proverbs 16:6 Unfailing love and faithfulness make atonement for sin. By fearing the LORD, people avoid evil.

Jeremiah 2:19 “Your own wickedness shall chasten and correct you, and your backslidings and desertion of faith shall reprove you. Know therefore and recognize that this is an evil and bitter thing: {first,} you have forsaken the Lord your God; {second,} you are indifferent to Me and the fear of Me is not in you,” says the Lord of hosts.

Romans 3:18 There is no fear of God before their eyes.

There is definitely a connection between Evil and the Fear of God. People wonder why we are losing so much ground to the Evil in our world today. It’s quite simple … there is no Fear of God in the land. If you remove the God of the Bible and replace with the god of culture, you won’t have any problems with Sin, Judgment, Repentance, (or for that matter) Salvation. No rules, no regulations … just Love, Forgiveness, and lots of Mercy for my behavior. Now that’s a religion that appeals to us.

God is Love, and you don’t fear Love, you embrace it. Our Enemy has been described as an Angel of Light, and Satan’s tactic is to figure out a clever way to mislead people and Love was the strategy.

2 Corinthians 11:14 And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light

Now, isn’t that clever? To make Love your main tactic in Deceiving people. Today, everyone embraces the idea of loving everyone, and there are no restrictions on Love. Love is free to do whatever it takes to be expressed:

· God supports the act of marriage between same sex couples

· God is okay with you choosing the sex gender you want to become

· God can Love the sin and the sinner without prejudice

· God doesn’t Judge … He is only Love

· God supports social justice even if it means lying

· God is okay with abortion … He considers it a sacred act

· God is okay with slander and false witness if it supports a noble cause

In Love there is no fear, so why fear anything? Let Love be your Vision and Purpose in life and there won’t be a need to Fear God. Yet the Proverb writer says:

Proverbs 9 9Instruct a wise man, and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man, and he will increase his learning. 10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. 11For through wisdom your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life.

Fearing the Lord brings His Love into perspective. Love is defined today as not having boundaries … if Love has boundaries, then it is not Love. Yet, God’s Love has boundaries:

1. God does not Love Sin

2. God does not Love the Devil, He Judged Satan to Hell

3. God’s Wrath is not Love

4. God’s Judgment is not Love

It is True that God is Love, but the kind of Love that God has for us is based upon a Sacrificial Love that was demonstrated by Jesus on The Cross. His Love paid a price for our Sin; it does not or never will support Sin. His Love gives us a way out of our Sin, so we are not stuck in our Sin.

The Devil knows if He can redefine Love then He has a clear path of keeping people in Sin. Love is the most misused word of any language on earth because it is used to distort Truth. You cannot use Love to distort the acceptance of Sinful behavior, yet that is precisely what is happening today.

What is Fearing God?

· Fearing God is acknowledging He is above all things and He is Worthy of our highest priority

· Fearing God also acknowledges He is both Creator and the Ultimate Authority of Justice

· Fearing God places Him above all Eternally and only He decides our fate after death

· Fearing God gives Him complete Control over our lives because we belong to Him as our Creator and Redeemer

This is the beginning of Wisdom to Know Who He Is and who we are in our role as the Creation. Evil is proliferated in our world because the Fear of God is gone. Remove the Fear of God and you remove the Truth of Who God Is. King Solomon said:

Ecclesiastes 12:13 Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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