Psalm 73:17 Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally understood the destiny of the wicked.

I woke up thinking about the word capacity today. I was confused as to why this word was the emphasis of the first few moments of my day. However, as I thought about this word, it made sense to me why it was important.

Capacity: the maximum amount that something can contain.

The foolishness and silliness of society for me is at its capacity. Every day I hear more things that are destroying the Judeo-Christian Values I have grown to love. Now in the city I live, the Park Board, the organization that runs our 180 City Parks, is deciding to repeal an ordinance that prohibits nudity in these parks. Our sexually confused people who are women by birth but want to be men by choice want the same rights as a man to go shirtless in public. Some women who are straight want that same right. This is where confusion takes us … when it takes away the differences between men and women and makes gender neutral, we see no need for any restrictions. Restrictions are bad when it comes to human freedom. Sexual contact is a normal function of human beings, both straight and gay, therefore, let’s celebrate it openly in public. There is no shame, no condemnation, no judgment … it’s just nudity and nudity is a symbol of freedom.

I am of the opinion that clothing has been a wonderful protection for society because it hides all the wrinkles, blubber, and cellulite from view. Who wants to see nude people who have serious issues of weight gain and aging bodies with droopy body parts? Of course, we hope that our liberty to be nude in the parks would be tempered by some common sense that would remind us of how ridiculous we look fully nude in a mirror. My capacity for this kind of thinking among those who are running our parks is now at capacity.

How about defunding the police? My capacity for such thinking is like the nude issue … I cannot take hearing about another group that thinks this is a good idea.

Leftists who are pushing this agenda do not think there is any such thing as evil. ~Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager said it best. And so if you dismiss Evil as a reality, then we can dispel the authority of police and replace them with safety counselors.

Is Evil real?

· How many of us want our female loved ones raped?

· How many of us want our loved ones murdered?

· How many of us want our society to become simply the preyed upon?

· How many of us want our children to be subjected to sexual abuse?

· How many of us endorse domestic abuse and torture?

· How many of us want to live in Urban Chicago?

Let’s see those raised hands please if you would like to be victims of any of the above. Of course, you believe in Evil because all of the above is Evil.

Counselors will never have the authority of a police officer, and they will never be able to give front line protection against Evil as it is in progress. This is where education has failed us. We have educated people who are as dumb as rocks when it comes to Evil and ignoring the reality that without the reality of police, you will have what is happening in Chicago taking place all over this country. My capacity for this kind of thinking is full, and I cannot tolerate this stupidity without voicing my opposition.

Lastly, I no longer have any capacity for the silent majority in America. The majority of Americans have been marginalized by the media and given a status of second-class Citizenship because it doesn’t support anarchy, the Black Lives Matter platform, and the countless misguided social justice concepts.

This indifference by Americans is what happened to Germany prior to WW II. There were promises by Hitler that would make Germany a world power again, and all Germany had to do is go along with the Nazi plan. Leftists are saying the same thing and if you disagree with their agenda, then you are wrong and will be punished. Indifference by the silent majority will bring us into socialism and put us in step with the rest of the world who are already there. This is one of the other reasons President Trump is hated because he cares more about America than he does about putting America into the globalists’ agenda for a one-world Government.

Capacity: the maximum amount that something can contain.

My capacity is limited, but God’s capacity is unlimited. I cannot understand all that is happening in our world, and even if I could, I am limited. That is why God is so important in times like ours. We need to draw close to Him and ask Him to strengthen us according to the Truth of His Word. We must remain strong knowing that Evil, the Evil, and all this craziness will one day end because Jesus will Return to Rule.

Psalm 73:17 Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally understood the destiny of the wicked.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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