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Proverbs 3:3 Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you: bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.

The term ‘steadfast love’ is an interesting phrase. When you look at the definition of steadfast it means: ‘firmly fixed in place, immovable, and not subject to change.’ Of course, the only element in life that doesn’t change is God, and since we are talking about love, it is His Love for us that never changes.

Then when you read this Verse in different translations, you find they translate steadfast love in the following ways:

· Let Love and Faithfulness never leave you

· Do not let Kindness and Truth leave you

· Do not let Mercy and Truth forsake you

· Never let Loyalty and Faithfulness leave you

I think all of those descriptions describe the Characteristics of God and are the qualities that we all want our lives to possess. However, without God, none of these Characteristics mean much. Something has to drive Love, Faithfulness, Kindness, Truth, Mercy, and Loyalty. These Characteristics are not just terms … they represent a Character Source that is not indigenous to any of us. Only God can provide us with the meaning of these Character Traits and only God possesses them in their fullness.

So much of the environment in America today is anti-God and anti-Christian. I know we hear stories of the Miracles of new Spiritual Birth, and we can praise God for the many people coming to know Christ. We can never minimize these Miracles, and every decision made for Christ is a Witness to the working of the Holy Spirit in our land.

Even though I write a lot about the Darkness of unbelief and the hopelessness it creates, I have learned never to curse the Darkness. Darkness is primarily due to ignorance and the stubbornness of the human heart to want its own way. Darkness, as discouraging as it is at times, is the best environment for the Gospel to take root and make a difference. We can never be afraid of Darkness, nor be intimidated by the ugliness of its presence. When we curse the Darkness and don’t engage it, we lose the opportunity for God to work among those trapped in it.

The Enemy of God creates all Darkness, but God cannot be hurt by it, nor can Darkness overcome God. We are told in James to resist the Devil (darkness) and He will flee from you. Darkness is a thief, a liar, and an imposter. It lies to you to steal the Truth and it does this by appearing to be something it is not. It is the trifecta of Evil.

Several research firms say that we are subject to about 5,000 messages per day and you have to ask yourself, how many of these messages are lies? How many of them appear to be good and right, but are not? How many of these messages steal from your sense of Trust? These are some good questions to ask, especially when we talk about Darkness.

It has been my belief that there are two missing elements in our communities of Faith:

1. Awareness

2. Discernment

When I say missing, I mean they just aren’t an emphasis in our communities of Faith. Awareness has to do with you and your life, and Discernment is more about the environment in which we live.

Awareness has to do with our sinfulness and the lack of the Characteristics mentioned above. We seem to know more about our sports teams and our Social Media posts than we do about the Godly Character Traits found in our hearts. In general, we say a lot of nice things about God, but in reality, our attitudes (and even behavior at times) can deny the Reality of God. Awareness always leads us to Repentance; it is God’s Way to bring course correction into our lives.

Discernment has to do with our environment. How we live in this world should be important to every Christian, because all Believers are on assignment. Our choices, our decisions, the emphasis of time, talent, and treasures, all play a part in how we live out who we are to those around us. We have Christians who drink too much, become too familiar with immorality, and are totally unaware of the Darkness invading their daily lives.

That is what Darkness does, it confuses and clouds the clarity, and it changes the rules so that even good, caring individuals can be trapped by it. I have always believed that the Church’s job was to expose this Darkness and be Fearless in addressing it. Yet, Churches today are more concerned about their congregation size, their money, and their reputations, than they are in bringing Light into the Darkness around us. I hope you see my concern for all of us. (I am not trying to expose a judgmental insight.)

Here is what I want you to take away from today’s thoughts:

The world will never tell you the Truth. It does not have the capacity to do so. So, until we get away from its influence and into God’s Word, we will never be free from the influence of Darkness. What happens is that it gets blended in together with the good things in our lives and at the end of the day, Darkness will corrupt all that is good.

This is the direction the Bible describes in the Last Days. Our only Hope will be God, and just like Daniel in the Lion’s Den, our Trust in God cannot waiver … it must be in the God of the Bible. Read about Him today.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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