Always Have Something Good to Give Away

Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.

In a world of opinions, our great challenge is to compete with those insights with something Good. I awoke the other morning with the Holy Spirit reminding me that God always has something Good to give away every day. His Promises, His Values, His Presence, His Guidance, His Forgiveness, His Mercy, His Love, and His Word … our source of these reminders. God is always giving away Good things. That is His Nature, and if we are conforming to the Image of Jesus in our thinking and in our actions, Good things should emanate from us as well. Let’s see how this works.

1. Good Speech is a sign of a Good Heart. Out of the heart the mouth speaks, so our words should always find Good things to say about a person. All our conversations should strive to have a foundation based upon a Promise of God. Even in bad situations, God has Promised to be with us, and that alone is an encouragement. Always give away Good, Encouraging Words.

2. Good Actions are another sign of a Good Heart. Character is never judged by words alone … there has to be an Action that can be seen. Often, we are called hypocrites by the world because our Words don’t always measure up to our Actions. Always give away Good Actions that benefit others in the wake of living your life.

3. Good Reactions are another sign of a Good Heart. Your reactions to people, words, and circumstances will reflect what is in your heart. Retribution for wrongs committed is called revenge, but Forgiveness is a Divine Characteristic. Some have identified our reactions as a measurement of our True Self. We can fake our actions, but our reactions are unbridled. Having a strong Forgiveness factor is one of the ways we Demonstrate the Love of God. As we have been Forgiven by Him, we are to Forgive others in the same manner, even if we feel they do not deserve it. Forgiving others pleases our Father because it means we understand the Divine Relationship we have with Jesus.

4. Good Character is a sign of a Generous Heart. It is impossible to have Good Character without living a life of Generosity. Allowing this life to influence you to be selfish or greedy in your response to human need, or in how you distribute your excess, is an indicator of what is in your heart. Keeping your excess to the degree of only satisfying your cravings and pleasure, is getting your reward from God now. There are two ways God Rewards us … now and when you Stand Before Him. There is no sin in being prudent and wise in how you invest and make money, but you will enjoy it now as a reward, or as you wisely distribute it to the needs around and simply delay God’s Reward for your generosity for when you Stand Before Him? Your choice.

5. Good Things, when given away, should always be seasoned with Kindness and Mercy. Judgment is reserved for Evil, and when we are giving Good Things away, we are Judging the Evil in our world by our Actions and Attitudes. Kindness and Mercy are Attitudes of the heart, and indicate that your life is not lived to Judge anyone, but to be Kind and Merciful so that they will see beyond you to a God who Loves the people in this world.

So, giving Good Things away is a great motto to practice every day. Remember, Jesus told us that if we practice Good Things only to those we know or love, there isn’t much reward in doing what comes naturally. It is with unknown people where our Goodness does some of its best work. This takes Trust, Faith, and a Willingness to even be denied good results from your Acts of Kindness. Your Heavenly Father sees your heart and even if you are not successful in achieving the desired result of your giving, you will not lose your Reward with Him.

I want you to know that our standards in life are not normal. Godly people think and act differently than the normal, and their attention is not preoccupied with this world, but to give Good Things to this world that describe our Good God. That’s why the Bible calls Followers of Jesus peculiar.

Keeping Life Honest and Truthful … Larry Kutzler

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