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Mental Health

with Dan Munson

We have become a medicated county and mental illness is a major problem for many. In this episode, Dan Munson, a pastor and counsellor with over 30 years experience in the mental health field, helps us understand what mental illness is and what mental health is. He explains that mental health is the holistic aspect of body, mind, and spirit all working together in balance. Dan helps us understand how Christ fits into our mental health, and how we can live life fully balanced in body, mind, and spirit.

Prayer Makes the Difference

with Greg Pagh and Terry Schuveiller

In this episode, Greg Pagh of Bless Minnesota shares that Bless Minnesota began as a calling to adopt and pray for every street in the entire state of Minnesota. Terry Schuveiller of the Crossroads Chapel shares that the partnership between Bless Minnesota and the Crossroads Chapel is a blessing for both ministries. They share that it is prayer that makes the difference, and that prayer is foundational to everything we do as Christians. Prayer should always lead to action, and we need to listen to His voice for guidance to know how to pray. We pray with confidence and leave the results up to God. Visit Bless Minnesota

Helping Hands

with Shawn Morrison and Shawn Jones

Jesus said the poor will be with us always, and throughout Scripture we are encouraged to help those in need. They lack resources … spiritually, educationally, occupationally, security, and food. In this Crossroads Chapel Podcast episode, Shawn Morrison, Executive Director of Good in the ‘Hood, and Shawn Jones, President of the Crossroads Chapel, share how their Ministries help those in need by offering resources, food, and even shoes. We might not be able to eliminate poverty but we are called to help the suffering of those we can.

Addiction & Recovery

with Terry Francis

Let me introduce you to a ministry that has been sharing the Gospel at the Minnesota State Fair for more than sixty years. The Crossroads Chapel, also known as Chapel at the Fair, is a welcoming place where millions of fairgoers enjoy live performances by Christian musicians, and buy fine religious-inspired books and merchandise at the Bookstore and Gift Shop. Besides worship services and entertainment, the Chapel at the Fair offers drop-in prayer and free Bibles. The Prayer Station ministers to the prayer needs of anybody who asks for prayer, and they are offered love, hope, peace, and a Word of Life from the Lord God Almighty. The leadership of the Crossroads Chapel is permanently extending the twelve days they usually spend at the Fair to do ministry all year around. One of those extended ministry options is a podcast, and that is what we would like to share with you. This Crossroads Chapel Podcast features Terry Francis from the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge, and he shares the misery of addiction and the hope of recovery in Jesus Christ.

Crossroads Chapel

Living Out the Mission

Do we know our mission? At times we do; we get trained in classes, we get indoctrinated with ideas of prophecy and doctrine. We attend conferences that give us the latest innovation within church culture. However, are we engaging the culture to salvage the culturally wounded, or are we pushing back against the ideas that enslave people to ignore God and the love He has for them? In this episode, Larry introduces you to a mission-minded group of people who understand the mission of the church and they tell how they are living out that mission.

Latest Episode


with Amy Bruno and Chris Heeb

In this episode, Larry talks with Amy Bruno and Chris Heeb about evangelism. The message that we have is good news and brings great joy. So, why is evangelism so hard for most Christians? Evangelism is the least practiced discipline in the Christian faith. Why? Most of us have not been taught how we should do evangelism. Until you care more about people than yourself, you can’t be building the kingdom of God. When you’re willing to be led by God and ask him to give you the words to speak, He will use you for His glory.