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Balloons by Kevin.jpg

Balloons by Kevin

The Midwest's Premier Balloon Artist. Balloons by Kevin originated as Kevin’s humble goal to learn balloon art in 2012 and has transformed into his full-time profession. Kevin provides professional, family-friendly entertainment and decor to hundreds of clients across the Midwest. Balloons by Kevin includes, Balloon Twisting Entertainment, Professional Decor (balloon arches are most common), Life-Sized Photo Ops, Deliveries, Balloon Dresses, Library Programs, and Workshops. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

The Benson Family


The Benson Family Singers are a family music group from Faribault, Minnesota. Peter and Rachelle, along with their four sons have a unique ministry consisting of barbershop, bluegrass, and gospel music. They specialize in tight, a cappella harmonies and also play a variety of instruments including guitar, banjo, bass, violin, and mandolin. The Bensons use their music, humor, and message to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t miss this incredible family experience! Visit Website

Yo Yo Guy.jpg

Britton, the Yo-Yo Master

Have you ever seen someone with an amazing talent doing something you’ve never seen before? That is what this show is about.  Britton Pankratz is a remarkable and award-winning yo-yo artist and showman. Britton has put together a yo-yo show in which he demonstrates many different tricks using a variety of yo-yos and music to create a show that you can’t take your eyes off. Britton sincerely loves sharing this old-fashioned hobby to all age groups and crowds, and he puts a modern twist to a classical toy.

Emmanuel Christian Center Choir.jpg

Emmanuel Christian Center Choir


The Emmanuel Christian Center's Music Ministry is dedicated to singing anointed praise as they usher in the presence of God in every performance. Their music helps both believers and unbelievers to interface and interact with the living God. They perform for unchurched friends to be reached and for believers to be empowered by experiencing God. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Family Three


Family Three is a blindie-soulk (blues, indie, soul, and folk) band out of Minneapolis. Started by Tony, Tawny, and Taylor, the band has grown over the years to include anybody who loves playing music! So, sometimes you get Family Three and sometimes you get Family Nine! They competed in the State Fair Talent Contest in 2015 and found themselves at the top of the leader board! Visit Website

Heart of the City Band.jpg

Heart of the City Band

Since 1996, Heart of the City Ministries, a non-profit, Christian, multi-ethnic music ministry, has been sharing the Gospel and bringing a message, model, and experience of multi-ethnic worship and Biblical unity through the amazing talents of the Heart of the City Worship Band. Now, since 2018, they are continuing this mission through hosting stylistically and ethnically diverse concerts at the Heart of the City Music Factory in Anoka, Minnesota. In a time when divisions are increasing and becoming more entrenched, the need is great in both large and small ways to build bridges in the name of Jesus. The Heart of the City Band has 11 different ethnicities represented in it with its members coming from many different congregations of various Christian denominations. Their music reflects that diversity in style including Native American, East Indian, Gospel, Urban Contemporary, Reggae, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Modern Worship, Hymn styles and others. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Heart Song


Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus has been Heart Song’s passion for over 40 years. The band currently performs at nearly 30 venues annually and has performed at over 2000 venues since 1976, and has recorded over 16 albums. Visit Website

Hunter Frazer.png

Hunter Fraser


Hunter is a Minneapolis based singer/songwriter and worship leader. From an early age Hunter has been honing his craft as a writer and performer. He got his start working with renown worship leader Joel Hanson. Working under Joel allowed Hunter to develop a uniquely honest and personal style of worship both as a leader and songwriter, and his songs feature heartfelt prayers written to contemporary, lighthearted instrumentation. Hunter is incredibly active as a worship leader, and leads a plethora of congregations around the Twin Cities. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Joel Hanson

Joel Hanson is a Grammy nominated, Dove Award winning songwriter and singer. His years with the band PFR brought critical acclaim and a following that is still strong to this day. In the years after PFR, Joel has recorded three solo records and is about to release his fourth this spring. Joel serves as the Worship Pastor at Church of The Open Door in Maple Grove, Minnesota. He is passionate about developing another generation of worship leaders and musicians. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

The Johnny Holm Band

Leader and front man of the most widely known and traveled band in America, Johnny Holm is the most entertaining entertainer performing today. Mostly impromptu, the show moves with the speed of lightning and changes direction as soon as 'the pied piper' notices a lag. 'Never a dull moment' is never a truer description. Come listen to Johnny’s Story! Visit Website

Jon Russell.jpg

Jon Russell

Jon Russell is a gifted singer and musician whose music inspires, uplifts, soothes the Soul, and refreshes the Spirit. Jon is the Worship Leader at Hosanna Church in Lakeville, Minnesota.  Visit Website

Josh Edwards.png

Josh Edwards

Joshua Edwards is a worshiper of the One True God, and a fervent follower of Jesus Christ. He has been leading worship since he was 17 years old. As a multi-instrumentalist, Josh loves making music with his friends and family. He put out his first recording in 2013, and has released a new project with a timeless message to the Church with 'The Revelation' a song expression of worship through the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. He, along with his wife Megan and three kids live in Wells, Minnesota. They serve with a nationwide/global missions movement called Time To Revive, whose heart is to equip the Saints for the return of Christ Visit Website

Josh Hoaby.jpg

Josh Hoaby Band

Joshua Edwards is a worshiper of the One True God, and a fervent follower of Jesus Christ. He has been leading worship since he was 17 years old. As a multi-instrumentalist, Josh loves making music with his friends and family. He put out his first recording in 2013, and has released a new project with a timeless message to the Church with 'The Revelation' a song expression of worship through the 22 chapters of the Book of Revelation. He, along with his wife Megan and three kids live in Wells, Minnesota. They serve with a nationwide/global missions movement called Time To Revive, whose heart is to equip the Saints for the return of Christ. Visit Website

Katy Dahl.jpg

Katy Dahl

Katy Dahl is an independent artist and worship leader in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Katy grew up with a love for music, especially the sound of the acoustic guitar. She loves communicating the Gospel through music and her desire is to spread a clear message in a way that is creative yet easy to resonate with. Her songs have received radio play on stations around the world. Katy has had the opportunity to open for a variety of artists including The Gray Havens, Jenny & Tyler, and Andrew Peterson. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

The Kingery Family 


The Kingery Family have enjoyed singing together for the past sixteen years. They sing primarily gospel bluegrass music while also incorporating fiddle, patriotic, Americana, and a Capella. Their combination of tight harmonies, uplifting songs, and family unity are sure to encourage. The Kingery Family's hope is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to point others to Him. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Living Faith Band

While we have members from many different walks of life, our faith is what brings us together, and our music is one of our favorite mediums to share that faith with others. Our goal as a band, and a church as a whole, is to bring God deeper into our lives, to seamlessly weave him into everything we do. So whether we're rocking out to Twenty One Pilots, or playing some mellow tunes from Bethel Music, we do it all for the glory of our Father! Visit Website

Micah Lother.png

Micah Lother

From an early age, Micah has been nurturing his love for music and pursuing his passion for songwriting, composing, and learning to play unique instruments from around the world. Micah's love for Jesus has always inspired him to be open to new ways of being creative in music, and all other areas of life. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Choir

One of the most well-known and powerful ways the Mn Adult & Teen Challenge Choir reaches out to area churches and the community at large is through their Choir. Their past events include singing for the MN House of Representatives, singing the National Anthem at the Twins games, and special shows at conferences, outdoor events, and fairs. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Natalie Conrad


Natalie is a Worship Leader at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Her first project, entitled ‘The Reason’, was a huge success for her as an independent artist. Her title track charted on the radio in September of 2013 after only a couple of months of airplay. Since then, she has seen a large amount of success as an artist, performing at large Christian music festivals such as Joyful Noise and with artists such as Jamie Grace and For King and Country. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Norm Barnhart
Magic, Illusions, and Comedy

Norm Barnhart is a professional comic magician who has entertained audiences for more than 30 years. In 2007, Norm was named America's funniest Magician by the Family Entertainers Workshop. Norm's travels have taken him across the United States and around the world. His fun and humorous presentation encourages and uplifts, and his magic and comedy are amazing entertainment for the entire family! Visit Website

Clown & Comedy by Randy Christensen.jpg

Randy Christensen

Clown & Comedy

Entertainer, Creative Communicator, Child Specialist. Discover the heart and humor of one of the nation’s most respected family-friendly performers. Randy Christensen is a professional entertainer and speaker known for his creative and inspiring presentations. As a variety artist, Randy has presented programs for over thirty years for schools, churches, businesses, conferences, and community programming across the United States and in seven other countries. Randy is an accomplished, juggler, illusionist, stilt walker, puppeteer, physical comedian, ventriloquist, clown, storyteller, musician, comic mime and national caliber speaker. Audiences love Randy whether he’s wearing a clown nose, or not. In his programs, Randy uses circus and variety arts methods to engage, educate and entertain his audiences. Randy teaches and performs full-time based out of Minnesota. He’s active in local community events and elementary school programs. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Rotators Band

The Rotators are a ‘blues’ band with a mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From prisons to coffee houses, and even the Mall of America, the Rotators have a special blend of blues and a message that will encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Sara Renner


Sara Renner has shared her soulful blend of Gospel and Jazz music with diverse audiences in thousands of venues throughout the United States. Sara Renner is currently the Director of Contemporary Worship at St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi, Minnesota. Sara’s passionate vocal delivery, the integrity of her message and her vulnerable and funny storytelling open up a rare window into the human soul. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Sparrows Rising

This group aims to shine God's light into every corner of every community and to spread love and hope to the hurting and the lost. They began sharing their original songs and personal stories of overcoming struggles. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel

Steve Duede Band

Steve is a gifted Music Pastor who has been on staff at Eagle Brook Church for the past fourteen years. The band performs a mix of old and new original material, along with a few of their own versions of classic songs such as Higher Ground. Visit Website

Suitcase Sideshow.png

Suitcase Sideshow

The Suitcase Sideshow is a fringe theater that brings a message of hope to the far corners of the world. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Suitcase Sideshow was founded by Philip Shorey in 2005. It is most known for its vintage-styled street theater that uses a steamer trunk as a stage and marionettes Philip’s grandparents used back in the 1960s. Visit Website

Crossroads Chapel


The husband-wife indie-folk duo from Minneapolis, share in a love of finding the honest truth no matter the cost. As a staple of their shows, live-looping crossfades the studio composition process with the stage. With threads of samples, droning backdrops, and dripping vocals crafted on the fly, capturing these inspired moments will take a new form each time their mantra is exhaled. Visit Website

Taylor and Friends.jpg

Taylor & Friends


Ever since I started playing saxophone in 5th grade, I knew I wanted to be a rockstar. And while I'm only considered a rockstar by my nieces and nephews, I am humbled and grateful to help others experience the incredible love of God through music - the universal language God designed to bring us closer together. When I'm not strumming the ole' guitar or drinking coffee, you can find me on the pickleball court. I play music with my friends in a group called Family Three. I love camping, music, and Jesus. Visit Website

TC Cats.jpg

TC Cats

TC Cats is the best 50's & 60's Rock and Roll Band in the Twin Cities! Remember the days when records played and Elvis was number one. Entertaining for all-ages with the best 50's & 60's Rock n Roll. Visit Website


Wonderstate Band

Wonderstate is a Christian Electronic/Rock/Folk band from Central Minnesota. Connecting with listeners and their stories, they have a huge heart for the Father and His Children. Visit Website

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