St Paul Vulcans Winter Carnival Giant Snow Slide 2020

January 25th - February 2nd

The giant snow slide is a Vulcan Snow Park crowd favorite. It puts smiles on thousands of children’s faces, allows adults to relive cherished childhood memories, and brings the community together to have fun. After all, who doesn’t have fun going down a hill on a sled?Measuring 20 feet high and more than 300 feet long, the slide opens the first weekend of the Vulcan Snow Park.

Incredible success with one of our Outreach Ministries that the Crossroads Chapel does yearly with the St Paul Vulcans where they use our building for their Winter Carnival Sledding Event they hold for kids at the Fairgrounds. This event brings families together for outdoor winter fun, and the Vulcan’s collect thousands of dollars of food that they give to needy families in the Twin Cities.

St Paul Vulcans Vulcan Snow Park.png
Snow Slide.png