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Pastor Greg Pagh, President of Bless Minnesota, helps coordinate and provide training to “pray-ers” who Adopt a Street.

Minnesotans are known for being 'Minnesota Nice' which refers to the fact that we are generally friendly, kind and welcoming.  The motto of Bless Minnesota is 'Go Beyond Nice.' Especially as Christians, we are called to be bold in sharing the love of Jesus with everyone we meet.

When you Adopt a Street in Prayer you accept the challenge of sharing the love of Jesus with the specific people and places that the Holy Spirit puts on your heart; the neighbors on your street, the co-workers on your job, the classmates at your school, the institutions or organizations in your community. Who is your neighbor? Your neighbor is the person God has placed right in front of you! Your neighbor is anyone in need!

Adopting a Street in Prayer provides you with a tangible way to Go Beyond Nice as you:

  • Pray for your neighbors:  Speak peace and ask God to bless them.

  • Get to know your neighbors:  Make some new friends, especially with people whose life experiences may be significantly different than yours.

  • Help your neighbors:  See a need and respond to it expecting miracles.

  • Witness to your neighbors: Share the love of Jesus and invite them to discover a personal relationship with Him. 

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It’s a lifestyle (not a program) that is often called Prayer Evangelism.  At Bless Minnesota we refer to it as 'prayer with legs' because this strategy combines prayer, relationship, service, and witness.  It is based on Jesus’ teaching in the Gospel of Luke where he sent his disciples out “…two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.” ~Luke 10:1

And it works!  Doors are opened… hearts are opened… and lives are changed!  The possibilities are endless and thousands of streets are already being adopted in prayer all over Minnesota.  You can join this exciting movement of God’s people as you Adopt a Street in Prayer today. Further insights and training are available at Bless Minnesota

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